Brew Hui Podcast, Episode 1: Kelly Ryan

Welcome to the first episode of the Brew Hui Podcast!

Before biffing my annoying (and, at times, slightly dick-ish) voice into your ears, you may find it useful to read my previous blog post for a refresher about how this podcast was born.

(Or don’t; it’s entirely your call. You’re a grown-up now.)

*             *             *             *

My ‘guest’ for Episode 1 is outstanding brewer (and all-round legend) Kelly Ryan, head brewer at the Fork and Brewer brew pub in Wellington.  You’ll find the episode streaming below, and can grab the MP3 here.  You can also download the podcast on iTunes, and the link to the podcast RSS feed is right here.  Whatever’s your poison.

I’ve also posted some photos from the brew day on the Brew Hui Facebook page, so head over there if you’re a ‘visual learner’.

(Although you may want to ask a friend to punch you in the face for calling yourself a ‘visual learner’; everyone with eyes and an operational occipital lobe is a ‘visual learner’.  So unless you’re deaf, resist the temptation to call yourself a ‘visual learner’; it only makes you sound nearly as dick-ish as I do in this podcast.)



(Apologies for the shithouse widget – I’m working on it. Every new project needs some teething problems, after all.)

*             *             *             *

To grab a ticket to the Battle of the Five Craft Beers event, head along to the iTicket site – alternatively, follow Fork and Brewer (@ForkandBrewer) and/or Kelly (@BeerKel) on Twitter for tap updates.

The intro- and outro- music is from a track called ‘Red Pepper‘ by the fabulous (and presently-defunct) Wellington band Harbour City Electric.  Head along to their Bandcamp site to grab their EP and full album – you can even name your price!

My sincere thanks to Kelly, the Fork and BrewerPhil for the tips and Harbour City Electric for their dulcet tones.


Finally, a big thanks to you for taking a chance on a new podcast. There is no end-date for this particular project; I’ll keep doing it for as long as the brewers will have me. So if you liked the podcast, tell a friend;

If you didn’t, well…  Twitter: @jasegurney


6 responses to “Brew Hui Podcast, Episode 1: Kelly Ryan

  1. great first podcast. Finally got to listen the whole way through. Did I hear correctly that there was going to be a link to Kelly’s brew sheets. its one thing i’m slack on is keeping notes from each brew

    • Hey Simon, thanks for the comment – glad you enjoyed it!

      Yep, you heard correctly – I reminded Kelly about the brew sheet the other day. He’s going to get it through to me as soon as he has a chance.

      (Translation: he forgot, and I’ve already pestered him too much!)

    • Hey Marc, thanks for listening! The second episode (featuring Ben Middlemiss) is mere weeks away…the beer that we brewed together is just finishing-up conditioning. So look for Episode 2 to drop around the end of September. In the meantime, this week I will put together the photos from our brew day and put them up on the Brew Hui Facebook page 🙂

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