Brew Hui Podcast, Episode 4: Søren Eriksen, 8 Wired

The stars of Episode 4 of the Brew Hui podcast – Søren Eriksen and the 8 Wired team – really need bugger-all in the way of introduction: formerly Supreme Champion Brewery of New Zealand, now operating from their own brewery in sunny Warkworth, north of Auckland.  (Conveniently placed, as it is, 4 minutes from my own new house.)  I had the immense pleasure of spending two days with Søren and his team last week – recording some 10 hours of delicious audio (which, you’ll be pleased to learn, I’ve edited down to the usual ~90 minutes!).

As usual, you’ll find the episode streaming below – and can grab the MP3 here.  You can also download the podcast on iTunes, and the link to the podcast RSS feed is right here.  I’ve also posted some photos from the brew day on the Brew Hui Facebook page. Whatever’s your poison.


*             *             *             *

To grab yourself a pint of the Sour IPA Palate Trip, make sure you grab a ticket to one of the GABS festivals – either in Melbourne (this weekend!), Brisbane (27th-28th May) or Auckland (18th June).  Head to for details on grabbing tickets, etc.  Also, look out for the GABS six-packs, which will contain bottles of Palate Trip…c‘est magnifique!

As usual, the intro- and outro-music is from a track called ‘Red Pepper‘ by the fabulous (and presently-defunct) Wellington band Harbour City Electric.  Head along to their Bandcamp site to grab their EP and full album – you can even name your price!

My sincere thanks to Søren, Russell and the rest of the first-class team at 8 Wired.  Also many thanks, as usual, to Harbour City Electric for their dulcet tones.

See you soon for Episode 5…  Twitter: @jasegurney

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