Brew Hui Podcast, Episode 5: Sam Williamson, Sawmill Brewing

Episode 5 of the Brew Hui podcast is all about new beginnings: a brand new brewery, nestled on the Northern outskirts of Auckland – led by none-other than Sam Williamson, star of the original Brew Hui blog project (an honour that I’m sure he revels in daily…).  Joining Sam on the podcast is his brilliant brewer Scott  – whose last name I didn’t catch, because a) I’m not a journalist and b) I am a moron.  Both Sam and Scott were a joy to hang out with – and their gorgeous new brewing playground is truly a sight to see…

As usual, you’ll find the episode streaming below – and can grab the MP3 here.  You can also download the podcast on iTunes, and the link to the podcast RSS feed is right here.  I’ve also posted some photos from the brew day on the Brew Hui Facebook page. Whatever’s your poison.

*             *             *             *

To grab yourself a pint of the Session IPL The Christening, get off your bum and head out to The Smoko Room when it opens on Friday 29th July.  It’s at 1004 Leigh Road, about 5 minutes out of Matakana Village – just look for the big black barn with the gorgeously-enormous wooden water tank outside.  I’ll see you there  – I’ve bagsied the second stool on the left side of the bar…

Finally, I brought my exceptionally-talented videographer-mate Jay Farnworth along with me for the brewday, and he’s put together this sexy wee video for the Sawmill team…although I’m slightly reticent to share it, since the quality of my podcast is rather shit by comparison…

As usual, the intro- and outro-music is from a track called ‘Red Pepper‘ by the fabulous (and presently-defunct) Wellington band Harbour City Electric.  Head along to their Bandcamp site to grab their EP and full album – you can even name your price!

My sincere thanks to Sam, Scott and the rest of the awesome Sawmill team.  Also many thanks, as usual, to Harbour City Electric for their dulcet tones.

See you soon for Episode 6…  Twitter: @jasegurney


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