Brew Hui Podcast, Episode 6: Jason Bathgate, McLeod’s Brewery

Episode 6 of the Brew Hui Podcast perfectly closes a circle that I’ve been drawing all year.

Since moving to Warkworth in March, I’ve made a point of shining a light – however dim it may be – on the blossoming brewing scene north of Auckland’s Harbour Bridge.  While Episode 4 starred 8 Wired kingpin Søren Eriksen, Episode 6 stars his exceptional protégé: McLeod’s head brewer, Jason Bathgate.

It’s no secret that Jason has had to overcome more adversity in the past 15 months than most of us face in a lifetime – but that’s really a story for a different podcast.  This one’s all about the subsequent comeback – and anyone who has tasted any of the McLeod’s beers in the past few months will agree that *this* particular comeback is a doozy…

As usual, you’ll find the episode streaming below – and can grab the MP3 here.  You can also download the podcast on iTunes, and the link to the podcast RSS feed is right here.  I’ve also posted some photos from the brew day on the Brew Hui Facebook page. Whatever’s your poison.


*             *             *             *

To grab yourself a pint of the McLeod’s Heathen, stop-by Waipu Pizza Barn on your way North this summer.  It’s on the main drag in Waipu – just look for the McLeod’s sign out front.  You’ll also find the beer at various places around Auckland, and also in bottles from next March(ish).

As usual, the intro- and outro-music is from a track called ‘Red Pepper‘ by the fabulous (and presently-defunct) Wellington band Harbour City Electric.  Head along to their Bandcamp site to grab their EP and full album – you can even name your price!

My sincere thanks to Jason, Milton and the McLeod’s team.  Also many thanks, as usual, to Harbour City Electric for their dulcet tones.

See you in 2017!  Twitter: @jasegurney

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