Brew Hui Podcast, Episode 7: Fresh Hop Beer

Episode 7 represents a change in tack for the Brew Hui Podcast.

Once a week, I pop-down to my local – Warkworth’s craft beer institution Tahi Bar – for a half-pint and a chat with my favourite barkeep, owner/operator Ian Marriott.  Ian (and his wife Silke) are doing the right thing for the right reasons: they took a punt way-back in 2008, opening a craft beer bar in a Lion Red town. They’ve worked bloody hard to make a fist of it, but have an unwavering commitment to serve good beer from good places to good people.


My half-pint-a-week hardly helps Ian’s and Silke’s bottom-line – so I try to do my bit to support them by flying their flag whenever possible.  To that end, I’m pleased to announce that Tahi Bar will be the home of the Brew Hui Podcast for 2017 (if not indefinitely; the ease with which this episode came together makes me reticent to return to the previous format!).

In this episode, I’m joined by local brewing legends Sam Williamson (Sawmill Brewing), Jason Bathgate (McLeod’s Brewing) and Søren Eriksen (8 Wired Brewing) to talk about fresh hops.  While enjoying the fresh hop beers from each of their respective ‘stables’, we had a great chin-wag about the issues that many brewers experienced with the 2017 harvest, the new hop bines at Sawmill Brewery, and the possibility of a new American hop farm in the Hawke’s Bay…


As usual, you’ll find the episode streaming below – and can grab the MP3 here.  You can also download the podcast on iTunes, and the link to the podcast RSS feed is right here.  Whatever’s your poison.

*             *             *             *

As usual, the intro- and outro-music is from a track called ‘Red Pepper‘ by the fabulous (and presently-defunct) Wellington band Harbour City Electric.  Head along to their Bandcamp site to grab their EP and full album – you can even name your price!

My sincere thanks to Sam, Jason and Søren for joining me – and especially to Ian and Silke for hosting us.  Also many thanks, as usual, to Harbour City Electric for their dulcet tones.

See you later in the year for Episode 8!  Twitter: @jasegurney

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